We had an awesome time at Rhondda Escape Rooms! Rooms were well designed and challenging. Staff were brilliant and made the experience! 100% returning to try the other rooms!

Peter Clift

We booked the asylum room & the experience was amazing! The game was really well set up & challenging & we managed to escape in 45 minutes. We really enjoyed it & will 100% be returning very soon to try the other rooms! The staff were also so friendly & welcoming too ☺️🙌🏼

Lucie Burke

The attention to detail and effort put into the room(s) design was insane, we were 100% blown away by both the room styling and the waiting area. The puzzles were fantastic, not too difficult but also not too hard, and overall a nice mix of physical and mental activities (with some hidden surprises), and as a team of 4 (three adults one child), we all has something to do throughout the experience.
The host were second to none (I think we spent 20-30 minutes either side of the booking just chatting to them), very welcoming, reassuring to our son that it wouldn't be too scary which we really appreciated. (Optional jump scares / added ambiance was on offer to creep it up a bit and add a little more excitement for teams without kids).
Overall I'd highly recommend it and we're looking forward to going back soon to play The Asylum and the WIP room when its done!

Thomas Mahony

Having never experienced escape rooms before I booked this to surprise two teenagers. We all thoroughly enjoyed the experience. The ladies were welcoming, friendly and enthusiastic which sets you on a good note before you even start 🙂 The Stranger Things room was amazing, so well built and thought out. The puzzles were challenging (which is exactly what was wanted) and the lady in charge of the room gave a few much needed nudges when we were desperate lol. We all came away saying we’d like to go back and try another room. Would recommend for ALL age groups. All in all a great experience.

Katherine Harris

Had a fantastic time at Rhondda Escape rooms today. Highly recommended and really enjoyed your time there. The owners are very friendly and so welcoming. Will definitely be going back to do the other room. Thanks so much and hopefully we'll see you soon x

Lindsey Jenkins

Absolutely amazing experience. Really loved how they let us finish the room after going over the time by 15 mins, it was really generous of them. The room was filled with amazing props it was all done very well. Can’t wait for more rooms to come. The place is run by lovely people they were so nice, will be going back to try the second room they have. :))

Mega Davies

This was an absolutely fantastic experience. We’ve been to a few escape rooms and this was the best one yet. We completed the stranger things escape room and the rooms were great and staff were lovely and helpful.

Francesca Bonner

I couldn't have chosen a better place to experience my first Escape Room. The friendliest most welcoming people ever. The Escape Room itself, absolutely brilliant, will really get your brain matter working overtime!
Really enjoyed it from beginning to end, highly recommend it.

Anff Callas

This was the first time for any of us to do an escape room and we all absolutely loved it! It was soo much fun and the staff we’re lovely🥰 It exceeded our expectations, challenged us but also had such a laugh. Bonus that we escaped with time to spare😉 Cannot wait to do the Stanger Things room next week and looking forward to the new rooms in the future🌟 Definitely give it a try!

Jemma Evans

This was fantastic! A must visit for Stranger Things fans and for anyone who enjoys a challenge, a really fun experience! The sets are amazing and the owners really friendly and helpful.

Shelley Williams

We went to Rhondda Escape Rooms on Saturday in the evening for my birthday and we were welcomed with big smiles and good atmosphere by the professional family run team. We split up to tackle both of their current rooms available and we found them to be both to be well crafted with a fair amount of challenge as we were still able to all escape! Looking forward to going back for our group to swap rooms and I’m excited to see what other rooms they add next!


Me and my husband (30y/o and 29y/o) just completed the Stranger Things themed escape room, and we had A LOT of fun!!! The room hit the balance between being challenging and being fun & rewarding perfectly. The set design was honestly so good and in keeping with the TV show (though you do not need to have seen the TV show to be able to appreciate the theming here!!!) We're both really really excited to see the business grow as more rooms open up - the owners are bursting with so many brilliant ideas and the passion they have is very very obvious for both escape rooms and for Tonypandy/the Rhondda. Don't just think about going one day - GO DO IT NOW!!!! You won't be disappointed and will be already planning your next visit before you leave like we are right now.

Katie Miller

We played the Stranger Things escape room and it was brilliant, we went as a family of 4, the youngest being 10 and she thought it was amazing, the detail put in to the room was outstanding. The staff were all very friendly, and after talking to them we really can’t wait to see what the next rooms bring…. I would definitely recommend

Miriam Carr

Highly recommend! Played the Stranger Things room and it was amazing, really entertaining and the attention to detail in the rooms were unreal. The staff were also very welcoming and friendly. Will 100% be coming back to do the other theme rooms

Emily Thomas

5⭐️ from me!! Incredible place! Staff was so friendly, would totally recommend too anyone! First time doing a escape room and already can’t wait too do another, thankyou so much

Jacob Williams

Omg what an experience, we couldn’t laugh any more if we tried, my brain literally hurts haha Done the Stranger Things room, it was amazing, the rooms were unreal so much detail it was like we were actually living it!!! The staff were very welcoming and friendly, and definitely HELPFUL 🤣🤣 Will 100% be coming back to do the other theme rooms

Natali Hughes

Excellent experience would definitely go again and the staff are very polite and friendly

Kirsty Griffiths

Fan-bloody-tastic. Best escape room I've done. We did the stranger things room and the attention to detail was phenomenal! A lot of work has been put in to building it and it has definitely paid off. Thank you for bringing something so amazing to the Rhondda. Highly recommended by us and we will definitely return!
Thank you all for a great experience!

Tina James

Booked ASYLUM today for our son's birthday as that's what he wanted to do, highly recommend visiting and playing, not only are they extremely welcoming and informative but the games are well set out and keep your brain going. first time playing but definitely going back again. 13th birthday memories made ♥️ thank you Rhondda escape rooms!

Jenny Brooks

Had an absolutely amazing experience yesterday. The guys are really welcoming and helpful. the stranger things room is great and we all really enjoyed ourselves. Will definitely go back and try the asylum. Very interesting plans for the future. I wish the guys all the best for the future.

Michael Emanuel

Had an amazing afternoon doing the Asylum room! Definitely would recommend! I’ve done other escape rooms and this is by far the best I’ve done! I will be going back to try the stranger things room!
Staff were amazing!

Caroline Jones

Visited last night as a team of 6 and we all had so much fun. Very welcoming and friendly from the moment we walked in. None of us had ever done an escape room before so wasn't sure what to expect but what a laugh we had. Looking forward to coming back in a few weeks to do the stranger things room.
FANTASTIC facility definitely recommend to anyone !

Rachel Rosser

Very good experience, loved the strainger things room and will be going back to do the asylum room, plans for the future sounds amazing for this company and will bring lots of fun to Tonypandy, owners were lovely props and puzzles so good, all three generations loved it

Matt Lane

Did the stranger things escape room. Had a great time! The room itself was designed very well and the clues were well placed and challenging to work out! I would highly recommend and will definitely be coming back to try more. The hosts were very welcoming and was great to chat. 😊

Jack Jopson

The escape room itself was a testament to the team's creativity and attention to detail. The 'Strange Things' theme was brilliantly brought to life, with each puzzle intricately woven into the narrative, creating an immersive and thrilling experience that kept us engaged from beginning to end.

What sets Rhondda of Strange Things apart is the team's evident passion and dedication. Their enthusiasm is infectious and their commitment to creating an unforgettable experience for their guests is palpable. It's clear that they love what they do, and this passion shines through in every aspect of the escape room experience.

In summary, Rhondda of Strange Things Escape Room delivers a top-tier escape room experience that will delight both first-timers and seasoned escape room enthusiasts. With its captivating narrative, complex puzzles, and a welcoming and enthusiastic team, it's an adventure that is not to be missed. I eagerly look forward to returning and do the Asylum room.

Regino Oliva

Amazing experience, would definitely recommend this to anyone interested in having something exciting to do with a great group of people and making memories in the most fun way possible!

Zane Williams

we had the best time yesterday! The room was fab and you’re all amazing people too! You made us laugh and we can’t wait to come back!

Jenna Louise Scully

OMG this was the best experience we have had. guys you have done a fantastic job and your going to grow in a massive way. the stranger thing room was amazing and so much fun, the interaction was brilliant and trying to work out the clues was so good. (my brain hurts) Phil, Michelle and Laura

Philip Williams

Great experience!!! Highly recommend, The rooms are awesome, and the staff are lovely and welcoming, If you’re looking for a family/friends activity to get you thinking , this is the place for you !!!

Tia Ress

Brilliant laugh. Finished the Asylum room in 53 minutes ( would of been sooner if my misses listened to me sooner 😂🫣 ) highly recommend, staff are brilliant and the room and puzzles were brilliant too.

Jordan Isaac

We had a fab time. Never been to any escape rooms before. We can highly recommend visiting. Excellent set and staging in the Stranger Things escape room. Can't wait to try the Asylum room. Other rooms are planned for the future and we'd definitely try those too. Wishing Rhondda Escape Rooms every success. It's great to have something so entertaining and professional in our Valleys. 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿

Helen Daniels

We had an absolute blast! Lovely, welcoming staff with really interesting rooms - so glad that we have this in the Rhondda! We've done a few escape rooms in Cardiff but this is our favourite, can't wait to come back 🎉🎉🎉

Lauren McCubbin

This was our first ever escape experience, what a fantastic time we had . The staff were Incredibly friendly and welcoming they explained everything in great detail for us . The rooms are decorated brilliantly. looking forward to visiting again Amazing Experience we can't recommend yourselves highly enough

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